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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Celebrating the summer solstice with America's pastime

What a fun night it was! I skipped attending the Ogden Raptor's opening night game on Tuesday, on direct orders of the BSU. She insisted that I attend my classes, and so I did, delaying my baseball game jones for one more night, until last night.

On opening night, the defending champs, the Orem Owlz beat our team 7-5 in front of the sellout crowd of fans. A much smaller crowd watched the Raptors pummel the Owlz last night, 14-1! I thought the Owlz might not even take the field at the top of the 9th inning after one of our guys hit a bases-loaded home run in the bottom of the 8th inning.

The BSU and I had a wonderful time throughout the evening. She talked me into supper at Village Inn before the game instead of burgers or dogs at the stadium. A new friend, David also took advantage of the ticket I offered and joined us for the game. David, it turns out, is still in the AF, is taking several of the same classes I'm taking and is cousin to my friend Pat who is the usual recipient of an extra ticket to the ball games. Pat's sick with the flu this week so she suggested I offer the extra ticket to David and he seemed to really enjoy himself.

We sat behind a vocal group of 6 fans that I quickly named the Weber State University Womyn's Studies Glee Club. The leader of the Glee Club resembled Jaba the Hut and wore a watch more masculine than mine! What a fun group...

Anyway, the weather was wonderful, the beer was cold and discounted, our home team won and the planets aligned for a memorable evening. My summertime attitude adjustment appointment worked beautifully. My next appointment is June 30th.

It was perfect.

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